New brand MERMAILO by Adelia

The author: Asyastyles

June 2024

When Adelia created her brand MERMAILO, from the beginning she did not want to follow the objective laws of the fashion industry, but based on knowledge of her craft and intuition. Even after 2 years, despite the brand awareness, the designer designs each product manually.
The MERMAILO way is a unique upscale bag that will not only be a practical and aesthetic addition, but also eco- friendly consumable product. Today, the designer creates products from various materials and textures. But they are different from the rest: handmade in a limited edition.

A fashion brand as an opportunity for creative realization.
The history of the MERMAILO brand began about two years ago: it was then that Adelia created her first bags, the design of which became the basis of the brand's future range.Being a student, the designer at some point realized and decided that she wanted to look for ways to realize her potential in creative craft. She found the work of her soul in manual labor: Adelia recalls that from the beginning she liked to develop, invent and look for ideal combinations in textures and materials.
Winning positive feedback
Since the first months of its operation, the Mermailo brand has had orders and collaborations with stores, stylists, designers and bloggers. Adelia was not motivated by recognition or the material component. But everyone likes the concept and bags so much that there is a constant stream of interest from the outside

Adelia Salavatullina-designer, founder of the
“Participating in various projects and working with people from the fashion industry is quite a long work, but the preparation and the result bring incredible pleasure “.

The value of manual labor and brand development
Since the very foundation of the brand, all MERMAILO products have been made by hand. It is this fact, according to the designer, that determines the zest and attractiveness of the product. A branded tag is attached to each bag: the name is indicated on it.

The brand's products range is expanding, getting new and unusual shapes, rather than basic ones according to the “laws” of the fashion industry.
The designer plans to release several more lines, samples of which are currently being developed. As well as participation in new projects, collaborations, shows and competitions around the world, where they will be able to appreciate this trend in fashion and art.